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I just had to post this painting. Its that time of year. I painted this from 2 very disparate pieces of scrap (that's Illustrator talk for photo reference). The mental state is pretty obvious through facial expression. I thought the juxtaposition of the two portraits really illustrate the idea of getting into ones head.


Saturday, 11 September 2010 at 12:46

Always Remeber/Never forget

A few days after 911 I created the beginnings of this poster series that tried to capture the multitude of emotions felt that day and after. I tried to keep the formula simple — an eye showing emotion with its reflection providing an symbol of that emotional focus. These two pieces are the beginnings of that series that I have yet to revisit. Let me know if anyone out there has an emotion and a symbol to include.





















Thursday, 02 September 2010 at 01:46

Olympics Poster Series









I got a great opportunity to create a series of posters for the Xerox Corporation. Every year they would spend allot of money sponsoring the Olympic games. I worked with a great team on this project. Leslie Van Auken was the art director and Roz Richards (formerly Bernhardt) ran print production on the pieces.

I got an opportunity to create a figure in an environment. In this case the concept of “Olympic Firsts” was the theme. The appropriate figure was place over the location of where the games where held that particular year. For instance the first winter Olympics were held in Chamonix France in 1924. The paintings were done in a sort of Renaissance sepia under painting approach. Though they look like they could be a loose wash of an oil painting, they are done with watercolor and gouache over an Arches 100lb watercolor paper/board coated with gum Arabic. I penciled tissues first to get the design balanced. I then transferred onto the watercolor surface.

I was taught this approach by a great professor at Kent State by the name of Doug Unger. Actually Doug now makes musical instruments; mostly banjos and his work can be purchased at Burnunzio’s Uptown music here in Rochester. Doug could draw with a pencil more amazingly than anyone I have ever seen. He also taught me silverpoint drawing and how to prepare a ground for painting. He was demanding and amazing. Anyhow, this watercolor method was a bridge to oil painting for me.

The paintings and subsequent posters have a formal English watercolor feel to them. The limited color palette and sepia tone give them that renaissance feel.

Needless to say the posters will be available this Sunday and Monday at The Taste of Hudson Show in Hudson, Ohio this week. Stop by and say hello if you are around.
















Tuesday, 31 August 2010 at 23:08

Emma Finished Portrait

I wanted to finish the stor y regarding my random Facebook portrait commission from the connection of my old High School in Ohio, Tallmadge, Ohio. (Read my earlier entry titled Blink) Show is the finished portrait of Emma. I painted in the classic oil traditional fat over lean. The darker colors are thinned with gum spirits giving it a loose washy feel. The lighter areas are mixed with a linseed oil mixture to give it body and weight. I have been working with this idea of finish and unfinished. I love allot of high renaissance and baroque portrait oil sketches and in progress paintings. I love seeing the creative process, the sketch lines the contrast from loose and washy to tight and controlled, within the same piece. It shows more of the artist’s thought process or underpinnings.

Besides the formal concerns I had with creating a successful or worthy piece, I also felt Emma’s mother had to be satisfied by the portrait of her daughter. If not, it didn’t matter what I thought of the piece. I tried really hard to look beneath the provided photo reference to see inside this young woman. I painted the piece very carefully but not tightly. I think it glows. I really like the surface quality. Portraits are tough. I think the portrait looks like an older maybe a bit more formal Emma that the reference I was given. I believe it bestows a dignity on the subject that will last.




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